1 January 2012

Crafting a Teacher's Tag!

* I love crafting with the 'young' ones - it always is a pleasure as I soak up their enthusiasm with relish!  Here is a young friend who made a tag for her special teacher!  

I find offering them choices is the best way I can share this craft with them and hopefully encourage them to consider this hobby - you never know what 'seeds' are laid through these experiences, you might be responsible for the birth of a new stamper, lol! 

So I will offer up suggestions but keeping them contained to just a few and add a very brief explanation describing the effects or the physical nature of the suggested products - this way the young person can make informed choices.  First I recommend about 3 colours and then ask which one they'd like to choose. 

Then we talk about the type of project: card, or tag {keep it simple!} and depending on the age, I will then decide how elaborate we will decorate the project. In this case, this young person has a lot of creative experience, so we are good to go! 

We embossed, we smooched, we glittered, we punched, glued, pop-dotted our way around this tag!  We even customized it by punching out the letters to spell the teacher's name - how cool is that!  It took us about an hour but I could tell she was never bored :)  In fact, I have sold her mother on one of the punches, which is arriving tomorrow and she will be on her way to making some more very cool projects - sweet! 

Here's her result - awesome Carrie! 

A big beautiful tag for teacher :)


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