15 February 2012

I soooo want to be like this when I get older......are they not amazing?

Best part is they are over 100 years old!  AMAZING!

My own Aunt Elsie has turned 98 recently, bless her!  And we can secretly hope she makes 100, its only a natural desire on our part - and I don't want to think of her gone, as she represents the last of my older generation.  She's my Dad's sister and sister to 3, and a relative to many. She has outlived some of her younger relations including 2 nephews and unfortunately one very much younger great-neice.  But she just talked with me on Valentines - alert and charming!  This means we've been blessed to have been able to chat as long as I can remember and my own children have had her to inspire them. 
So I guess too that hearing the oldest lady on our planet died recently at the young age of 127!  Like I didn't even think that was possible!  I know several people in their late nineties - and they all share a wonderful spirit - very inspiring to know them. 

Well, here are a couple of charming ladies as you can see that have been featured for the mere fact they've passed 100 and still work at what keeps them going - and look how lovely they are!

Lovely Lady in Hat celebrate 101 - see her inspiring story

I guess I could of called this  "Fantastic Ladies in Fabulous Hats!"....which totally reminds me of another elderly relation, Great Aunt Bessy was from my 'second family' - really friends who helped look after me when my DAD was away in military service.  She would come strolling down in her sweet walking pace wearing: a massive and over-the-top decorated hat and matching rattan handbag!  OMG - her hat was something to behold - started out a simple straw floppy hat to which she added more flowers, ribbon and thingy-a-bobs than you think you could imagine- and some trim around the edges to boot!  Floppy to keep the sun off your face [they knew back then to do that!] and she'd wear a floral dress, belted neatly and oodles of beaded necklaces, and large clip-on earrings. She'd carry a tortoise-shell handled, straw tote with thickly stitched yarn flowers!  And sensible walking shoes! 
Best part - she had the sweetest disposition you'd evah lay eyes on!  And it showed because along with all that dressing up - she'd be wearing a beautiful smile...and at no-one in particular, just happy to be out and smiling at the world!
 When she would bend down to plant a kiss on me, you knew you'd been kissed [with the ruby coloured kiss on your cheek to prove it, lol] and the rose or lavender scent of perfume stayed with you.........awh, what is it with these grand old ladies!
Yes, I could take a lesson from them - I think we tend to worry about too much - and care a little too hard about our appearances when the real trick is to be happy and flaunt everything you've got from the exquisite to the obsurd....and live it up a little!   


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