24 July 2009

Spring Card


Here is my latest....a Spring Card! I have Candace to thank for this, she was curious to know about this technique and so I set out to do my own. I will post a tutorial here by tomorrow - so check back!

I made this card with a pink and a orange flip side - so it can show how the two sides appear when folded - there are 2 corners that get snipped off and rather than waste them, I glued them on the base. I might still find a little something to decorate the base - seems like it needs it.

Sometimes I like to take my time to make something - I once made a painting that took me about 7 years to finish, and I started a pine cone topiary a looooong time ago that is still requiring one side of it to be completed - yikes, better get started. Maybe I'll actuallly have it ready for Thanksgiving!

But I digress....so, this "spring" card - so named because the lower back folds allow the front of the card to be perched on an angle - and the card can be folded flat, yet will 'spring' back up again when released! It behaves like a lovely display.

I shall return to this and try to make it as a 'frame' with a photo - anyone with other ideas?


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