8 November 2010

Blog Under Development - Please Bear with Me! Plus Get Ideas + Gift Certificates Here!

Hi everyone!

I am developing my blog - finally - to better reflect what I always intended to do here in the first place. Sooo...not being a technical genius, I am relying on help and if things do not work properly at present - please have patience while we work on the kinks!

For any help with orders, or general questions - please just email me at bstampingbeehive@gmail.com and I will enthusiastically read your message and get back quick as I can to you!

I am very open to helping you with general craft ideas - so if you have craft questions - bring them to my attention and I will give you my best advice or direct you to someplace that will help you if I can not. No question is too small!

Need inspiration for the holidays - gift ideas?  Ask me for ideas!

Also consider giving a STAMPIN' UP!  GIFT CERTIFICATE in any denomination you'd like - I will help you to present it to your intended in a chic fashion - they will be delighted!

AND - If you want your fella to GET THE BIG HINT - I can send him a message with your suggested gift WISH LIST on your behalf!  How fab would that be!

take care friends,


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