16 November 2010

Reindeer Cards

Hi everyone,

I thought I might show off some of my 'reindeer' cards!  I have a few stamps involving reindeer as a new one comes along every year for my collection...and the one constant that I like, is their antlers!  Reindeers also are a wonderful way to introduce the colour brown into the mix!

So here are a few of my examples:

This card (above) is one where I made - yes, MADE my own stamp - the birch bark trees!  I merely drew two styles of tree trunks on a double thickness of foam [like the kind in kids crafts], CUT them out...applied some repositionable glue to one side of each, and then stamped with them like I would with any other stamp!
Foam actually works pretty good - it has a nice smooth yet absorbant surface for the ink and transfers the ink to your paper or fabric, etc. very well too!   Reason I made one is that I did not have a tree trunk like I envisioned for this card.
After stamping the trees in WHITE CRAFT INK, I stamped my 2 different stamps of reindeer onto a separate paper and cut them out using good, sharp scissors like our Stampin' Up! Craft Scissors.

The dark, smaller deer in the back represents the 'Doe' and I cut her 'antlers' off.  I also "cut" her in half, removing a tiny piece out of the middle section, and then placed the two remaining sections on either side of a tree trunk - so she appears to be "behind" a tree in the background. { {TIP: you need to cut a piece of the mid section out or else, just separating the two parts on either side of the tree would appear visually incorrect}.

The 'Stag' was cut with his antlers off too, but this time I "stamped" his antlers onto the card front, then using dimensional foam dots, and aligned him with his stamped antlers - but not before adding a 'wreath' around his neck! [same thing - stamp and cut out a wreath]....

So I really, really like the results!  I may do some more additions to this card - perhaps an accent to make it pop even more - like some glitter snow!!!

Now here are a pair of cards my daughter and I made.  I think its a very nice card considering you use only the natural paper and shades of brown! But it is the "variety" of browns and natural whites that works!!!  And of course, that is our wide striped grosgrain ribbon from Stampin' Up! that everyone loves - so that really helps [they have many colour choices too!]. You could add an nice antique brad accent or even a hint of  '   red ' to adorn these cards further.  Also - its just one rubberstamp of one deer - which we stamped 3 times in a row!  
This would also make a nice card for a Grandfather, Father, Son,....you know how we dwell on finding males a card!  LOL! 

Last but not least.....I DREW a card!   Yes I did!  I realized that I have not been 'artistic' enough lately - it is my first calling after all!  I went through years and years of fine art in school, art history in university and finally trained as an Art Conservator - - and I have drawn and painted for all of my life, and yet rubberstamping has taken over!  So, I must of been feeling nostalgic, and so I made a S-I-M-P-L-E  DRAWING!
I made a tiny sketch of a tree, and used circles as leaves. My "reindeer" is like the Scandinavian deers - very, very simple, like a 'stick' deer!  A bit of colour...but I wanted it to remain soft, so in no time, it was done!  The NATURAL cardstock from Stampin' Up! is also a big help to making the card feel hand-made. 

Well, I hoped you like my tour today - hopefully inspired you in more ways to be artful with your cards!
Beverly :)

STAMPIN' UP! SUPPLIES = Cardstock, Markers, White Craft Ink, Classic (dye) Inks, Punches, Ribbon, Glue, Pop Dots & Dimensionals. 


craftypixie said...

ohhh i love your cards Bev, especially the one you drew, hope alls ok with you? We seem to have lost touch :( Had problems with skype so i took it off, but can easily put it back opn again
everythings fine here, fostering is hard work at times and my son has been ill
Hope to hear from you soon
looks like youve been very busy on your blog
your UK pal xx

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Great to hear from you!!! I was literally thinking of you the other day - crazy!!! I know time and life seem to be at odds - have to remedy that for sure :)

big hugs back at ya!

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