18 April 2011

2 Step Owl Punch Anniversary Card!

"Look who's ... 9"  doesn't only have to be for 9-yr old birthdays - 
- how about someone's 9th year on the job?

And look at our cutie-pie owl  - its so much fun designing "outfits" using our 2 Step Punch.

2-Step Punches refer to the fact that the punch creates several 'parts' in one click of the punch.  So this means you can choose the paper for each of those parts - so this adorable owl comes with 'her' pink dress and pink accents, or it could of been blue clothing  if I chose to - or how about even a 'red' owl itself?   

For this celebration card, I paired my owl with several stamp set components - the balloons are from "Blowing Kisses" - a very sweet stamp set.  And 'On a Pedestal' provided, well, the pedestal, lol!   Finally, I turned to another stamp set for birthdays - this time, its "Look Who's Turning.." and highlighted the no. 9 which is significant for this recipient. 

Have some fun yourself - if you'd like to try a 2-Step Punch - let me help you!  

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog!  

xx Beverly


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