27 April 2011

DIY Monogram Initial to Customize a Gift Tag and Other Gift Wrap Ideas!

BIRTHDAYS - GIFTS - HOW CAN WE PERSONALIZE GIFT WRAPPING?  Consider using supplies from our personal craft collections or altering commercial gift wrap products - and it's not too hard if you look at it from a new perspective. What do you possess on hand that could help make your gift tag more 'custom' or add more pizzaz to your gift wrap?  Myself - I'll experiment with just about everything.

          1)  a PAPER FLOWER made from your scallop or circle punch.  Other punches are out there that can do this as well, just look here at my ORNAMENT PUNCH tutorials or posts to see more options.  I also made a lazy paper flower by twisting a strip of gift wrap loosely and gluing to a paper circle.  I cut out leaves from scraps - she loved it!

          2)  Wire up a MONOGRAM INITIAL using thin wire and some jewellery supply beads or bugles! After adding beads, flip the wire into a small loop to close the ends.
This is spectacular in my opinion and it doesn't take long!  Go for a nice 'scroll' look for high impact!

           3)  Instead of ribbon, "Punch" out shapes and just pepper the gift wrap with the die-cuts.  Or align them in rows  or make your own design up - have fun and see what happens.  My example is I chose to do a simple row of scallop circles because my gift wrap has polka-dots.

          4)   Download a nice picture from the Internet and print onto good cardstock.  Then using a Versamark Pad - apply a coat of glue to the entire picture - and then sprinkle Dazzling Diamond Glitter all over the picture and brush off the excess.  Your picture is still visible because the glitter is clear but sparkly which gives the picture a lovely, lovely effect!   [see my picture of Cleopatra].

          5)  Wrap your tag with extra goodies - ribbon or specialty crochet floss or twine is great too.
          6)  Have fun with glitter!   Use several colours of glitter on one image or word!!!  This looks neat!
See my "THANKS"  tag -  its for a friend in the US, so why not show off their patriotic colours to a cool effect?   I stamped the tag with HEAT and EMBOSS POWDER, and then blocked off 2/3 of the tag with a straight edge and applied the first colour of glitter.  Once that set, I moved down to the next section and blocked off the remaining 1/3 section and applied the 2nd glitter, and finally coated the remaining section with the 3rd glitter colour.   On the opposite side, I chose our STARS JUMBO WHEEL - and inked the tag, and embellished with markers, and glitter using our 2-WAY GLUE STICK for the small sections!

Download a picture from internet, and glitter it's surface with
 clear or iridescent glitter and Versamark glue pad.

Create a MONOGRAM INITIAL using jewellery wire and bugle beads! 

decorate your tag with ribbon and floss!

Close-up of Paper "scallop circle punch" Flower.

Paper Flowers - Twist'n'Stick, or Punch styles of flowers!     
Scallop Circle Die-cuts to create a decorative row!

Jazz up a word with rows of different colours of glitter!

Use patriotic colours - here its the Red, White and Blue of the USA!

             Hope this helps you to get started with jazzing up 
                                  your gift wrapping!  
                                           Cheers, Beverly xx


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