23 March 2011

Create a Baby Shower Basket

Hi - I am going to start with this close-up shot of the way in which I tied our BABY SHOWER BASKET in clear cellophane wrap - straight from the dollar store!   This is where simple materials come together and make a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift that will leave your  Mom-to-Be gushing over such thoughtfullness! 

I tied my cellophane up and around the basket handle with some regular scotch tape. Then I wrapped some white sheer ribbon around and around in a loose fashion and stapled it closed.  I created a "flower" accent with a STAMPIN' UP! crocheted white Fleurette topped by a flower button and bead. This was attached  to the pink ribbon which I had stitched together to form its own flowery shape. I created the pink ribbon flower with a series of loops - just back and forth, one loop after another until I finished the roll of ribbon. I absolutely had no instructions - I just looped away!  Besides,it was a short roll, lol!  

All of the ribbon, the cellophane and the basket itself came from the Dollar Store! Can't be simplier than that!

Tomorrow I will go into the basket creation!  Ta for now!


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