5 March 2011

My New Coffee Bar

I made a coffee bar!  It's not finished in the way I want - but its a start !  I'm actually very happy with it as I have used it twice since last night and it works pretty good. I need to go out to buy some new coffee mugs to help since the few nice ones I have are too few - or t
hey are my 'summer' coffee mugs and are a little too bright for now. Yes, I have "summer" mugs, lol!  Well, you know how it is - any excuse to shop!

But the whole reason I had to create a coffee bar is because of this baby - right here ....

...my brand spanking new KitchenAid MIXER!  Oh yeah! It is getting its initial run this morning - biscotti coming up!  I am very excited because biscotti I love, but my hands hate mixing the dough!
So when this beauty was on sale last week-end for only $199 plus I qualified for free shipping AND they threw in the bowl shield free - I couldn't pass it up!  Besides it still qualified as my 
" birthday week-end"  whoo-hoo to me!  A little present for myself! 

So since I have almost zero counter space - something had to give! Hence the coffee station!

Here it is....I brought out a small desk from my craft room, it was only holding up my printer, so no biggie - my other vintage 'school' desk is doing that now.  Then I put a small, hard, uh, not sure what you call it - oh! Placemat!... one that was so ugly on its front surface, that I flipped it over and stamped a nice design on it with a large background stamp that is a retired SU! piece. I found the placemat and thought it would be cool for something one day - see you just never know. Now it protects my desk from the heat of the coffee machine. 

Next we hung up a small shelf above so I could have some mugs out or something related to the whole idea. I am actually using my china hutch which is situated to the right, as where I can store lots of coffee mugs and small dessert plates - so that will be another project! Sweet!

Click on pic to view larger. 

I made an arrangement as best I could, and I can add things as I find them, so this is a work in progress. I take my coffee black, so the sugar, cream can all come out when I have guests. 
Anyways, feels like fun when I go to my 'special' spot now to prepare or serve myself coffee! 

Now hopefully I'll have biscotti for this afternoon's coffee break! 


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