7 March 2011


Hi....just letting you know that this page is still under construction.  For one, I am trying to LABEL my posts so it is a simplier process.  If anyone has done this, you know what a big task it is - esp. with a long history of posting.  I would like to delete what I find is no longer relevant, but there are so many great projects here - its really quite a library.  So that is taking time.

Next - my daughter does my design, so as a full-time student and holds 2 part-time jobs - need I say more?

Then - there is my lack of knowledge of handling Blogger issues and capabilities.  I just a wee bit foggy on half of it - so bear with me there too.

Please be patient - ANY COMMENTS regarding YOUR EXPERIENCE VISITING HERE would be AWESOMELY APPRECIATED - good or bad!  Always helps with feedback!

Well my eyes are all bugged out from being here too long, so off I go!



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