1 March 2011

Thank You Cards

                  Here is a pair of cards I made on the week-end to give to two senior staff at
        our  local Delta Toronto East Hotel.
    They arranged for us to stay at the hotel when our apt. building had a fire mid-February, compliments
of the hotel and once we were there, they also sent us up a warm meal. 
We obviously know them, but still it was a gesture I appreciated and wanted to express my thanks!

To do so, I cased some wonderful cards from the Papertrey Ink gallery, here they are:

[CLICK on pics to view larger]

and I chose to do the bottom row, the 2nd and 3rd cards with their HOUSE DIE 
because they represent our 'home' and suited the message I wanted to convey!

Here are my  'interpretations ',
the frillier one on the left is for a lady and the other more simple one is for a gentleman:


I don't have the particular 'house' die as was used in the cards above, but I merely used my hobby knife and made them myself.  I sometimes think we forget to use our most basic tools with all the fabulous punches and dies, and other fancy papercraft technology we have now.  When I first started, my hobby knife was all I had, lol!

Of course, our dog came along - he LOVED it!  He was soooo funny when we first arrived - I guess pets enjoy a stay out once in awhile no matter what, ..............and here he is in all his glory.....playing in the snow last week.  He was sticking his face right down into the cold fluff, little weirdo!  Ha ha....


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