11 March 2011

Fat Page Swap - Part 2

Good Morning!

As I promised, here are two more examples of FAT PAGES that were part of my swap!  These are really fun to make because it allows you  such freedom to play with your embellishments ... whereas with a card, you might have to worry about proportion, balance, etc.; here you can just mish-mash your ideas with good results!

Our swap this time has the theme of 'About Me'

I found this a bit harder than I imagined - finding what I wanted to say about myself took 2 tries. But I was happy in the end, and here it is. 

Click on pictures to enlarge....

Sorry - pic is a bit hard to see the details.....but this is the COVER.
I incorporated "gathered" ribbon, and several pieces of cardstock involving orange and green, and a hint of pink!  I added a natural fiber for the left edge where my friend can add holes to bind it with other pages. 

But it meant I needed to add 'About Me" details, so I added a couple of sections - so technically, its a little FAT PAGE booklet.  

So I went from pics of myself as a child about to devour her birthday cake to my 'grown' self shown on vacation!  A few comments about my childhood and a small list of my characteristics now-a-days nearly finishes my effort, but....

...just had to add a little philosophical sentiment on the back!! 

It reads: 

Said the butterfly, "one needs sunshine, freedom, and a little flower" 

and I added " and friends like you!"  

I also wanted to use a DVD Case to send it in - perfect size for a 4x4 inch project!  I bought a tin DVD case from HMV for $2.49 and wrapped my Fat Page in the canvas fabric and ribbon I included as a RAK; and decorated the case with a plain textured cardstock.  That way my friend can choose to use the case to keep the Fat Page in or for some other purpose, and decorate it herself. 

OK - enough about mine. ...on to my friend's FAT PAGE!

Sofia has sent me this little 'jewel' with co-ordinating cardstock in black, white and red!  She regularly uses folding techniques very well and here is no exception....

I have altered the area where her family photo was included, for privacy sake, so just imagine a photo there which would make for a very nice-looking Fat Page cover!  

Now below is the back and shows the folded layer which can be untied, opened and reveals...

....details regarding her "About Me"  (also shown altered)  - how nifty!

Well, I am really excited about our Fat Pages and I hope to have more soon to create a lovely collection - and I find this is especially nice to create a collection for as many friends and family as you can talk to participate - they are just 'fun'!

Hope it inspires you to create your own FAT PAGE !!!! 


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