4 March 2011

My Birthday Cards - ta da!

Another birthday for me has come and gone!  3 cheers for me as I am feeling well and my loved ones are with me - and I had a few milestones such as going on my first cruise!

I am also thrilled to bits with the fact that nearly all my b-day cards were hand-made! I received one extra-special one this year, more about that later :)

First up is my daughter's card - she snuck in and did one while I wasn't looking, although we did have a funny moment when she tried to convince me that "I" left out a ribbon jar when I asked her if she had been playing with my ribbon and hadn't put it away .....

I always love her cards, no exception this time :)

Now on to my "extra-special" card is from her boy friend, and here it is - isn't it adorable?  

with a hand-drawn cupcake no less inside!  Awesome! 

And a couple more.....from two friends,

first this one with its clever folding.....from Sofia!

Then a very interesting punch art card from Maria...
...believe it or not, she used the 2-Step Bird punch shown here to 
fashion her ' Bird of Paradise ' flower - I know!

Along with a card all the way from California, here they are!
Enjoying the view, I can see them all week until I need to scatter them
to my studio!  
Thanks to everyone for taking time to make me one - I really love them!!!

Actually, Maria also sent me a nice card after hearing about our fire ....

...you can't see all the details, but besides the artful butterfly stamps, she
is using SU!'s Garden Gala Designer cardstock, and I have that on
my 'wish' list!  It also has some pretty orange/yellow papers - well, a 
bunch of lovely papers. 

And what did I get for a  b-day gift from my darling daughter?

A scoring board !!!!   Boy I've been wanting one for some time,
and can't wait to get started on a multi-fold project! 
 This even comes with an envelope template/scoring tool!  

I tried it out, and as long as you have good eyesight, and can keep your hands 
steady as you score along then this is great.....mainly, it can help you to skip 
a lot of the calculating that goes into the folds, you know....2 inches here,  4-1/4 inches 
there...and so on. The handy guides on this eliminates much of the really
annoying steps. 

Also cool is the pretty papers from K&Co in Sweet Berry - I know its an 
older line-up but I still have some of the chipboard sock monkeys in
a drawer somewhere, and the prettiness of this paper stack is totally 
going to put a spring into some projects soon!! 
Thanks hunny-bun - Momma loves it all! 


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