12 August 2009

MOMS - Prepare Yourself for surprise Birthday Invitations!

Really, a good ' birthday kit ' at home when you have little children should be considered an essential I say!

I can't even begin to say how many times my tuk'ous has been saved by making a home-made gift (or choosing from my 'gift' stash)....and then making a great card and putting my gift-wrapping skills to work on a moment's notice!

And it doesn't even have to be for small children - but let's face it, when you have little children - you are going to go through many birthdays ahead for at least 6 or 7 years till the 'prime' birthday party phase is over. I should have counted how many party invitations came home from daycare, kindergarten and even into junior high school......but there will be the new friends they make at ballet class, soccer club or sunday school too!

So what makes a good birthday kit? Well besides a " present-in-waiting " or two {usually gifts I found through-out the year on sale} and wrapping supplies...there is the main source for your creativity - the supplies to make birthday cards!

And this year Stampin' Up! has a stamp set which I think is adorable - called "Look Whose Turning..." {114403}. It's got cute written all over it! And it can make all sorts of cards besides birthday ones once you get started!

I am really going to enjoy this stamp for years to come - and we're past that youngster birthday phase, LOL! But I'd recommend this one - especially for you young moms out there! Or grandmom if you enjoy card-making! Even for making cards for fund-raisers - this should catch everyone's eye!

And don't forget to start putting your own kit together.....wait till you receive a surprise invitation for the 'next day'...LOL!....you'll see!


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