26 August 2009

A Party? ..... Ideas for decorating the table and party treats! Part 1. Drink Name Tags

I am going to show you a few ways to dress up some regular, boring - and even recycled - materials you have on hand for your next party! If your throwing some fun into the last of our summer long week-ends, this could really jazz up your table!

 I've chosen a summer theme -  but this could be for any time of the year - December, October, February... any holiday or festive party, home or at work, young or old - whatever suits your fancy! All you need is a little imagination to switch up the motifs for the occasion. In place of the frames, it could be simple tree shapes for christmas or a badge for the celebrated co-worker, bells for the engaged couple....just simple shapes will work best.

We did this recently ourselves - and it just sets the mood!  We all have everyday blah in our lives - lets dress it up a little!

I will show you several of the small projects one by one - then show them together at the end.
Here we go......:)

This is a really nice way to customize drinks - using straws. From children's parties where the excited party youngsters (who often forget where they set their drink down) to elegant parties showing the 'special touch' you want your guests to feel.   And whether you want fun and colourful or glammed up for a more sophisticated event ( imagine them in black & silver with little diamond gems twinkling under the patio lights), these can be useful for so many events.    

Supplies: straws - bendable works best. 
                paper - cardstock in colours of choice.
                frame rubber or clear stamp
                stamp - floral, or any design of choice - small in size though. 
                 ink roller-pen
                 brads - small or mini brads, or regular sized. Colour of choice. 
                clear mac-tac paper or acetate sheets ( adhesive-backed) for protection.
                      (in a pinch you can skip this if the name tags are not to be re-useable)

Stage One
1) I used a 'frame' type stamp to make 2 frame images for each straw onto my colourful cardstock. I stamped them in white craft ink.  One frame is the front, the second frame will be the back of the straw name tags.
2) After they dried (craft ink should be left to dry a few minutes) - I cut them out along their outlines.  
3) I then wrote each person's name inside one of the frames - set aside to dry again. 
4)  I stamped a decorative flower image on the 2nd frame which is for the back. I used a tone-on-tone ink to keep it simple. 
Stage Two
When the frames were all dry.....
5) I placed some mac tac on each frame, squeezed it flat (no air bubbles or wrinkles) and trimmed.
6) I connected the front and back of each straw name tag together by using 2 silver brads. 

That's it!   For your party - slide each tag over a straw and set them together in a small vase or place them in a cup.  

Stay tuned - next we 'recycle' a familiar object into something fun to add pizzaz to the decorations! 

Supplies: Stampin' Up! Frames with Flourish stamp set;  Stampin' Up! cardstock - Bermuda Bay and Passion Pink; Stampin' Up! White Craft Ink Pad; silver brads; Signo uni-ball White Pen.


Cindy Haffner said...

Great idea for a party, so cool!

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