16 August 2009

A Recent Sketch for a Card

I have recently been waiting to try out some new directions in card-making....and while I am waiting for some new stamps to arrive, I decided I would make do by drawing a little person for a card.

First....I love reading up on old monarchies and seeing all their fabulous clothing, and so I looked at a picture of a painting depicting 3 daughters of King Henry III [whose wife bore him 12 children]. The painting was set in their country estate and showed his 3 youngest daughters.

So that was my inspiration....and I was particularly taken by the fact that the youngest daughter had the most fancy hat on of all the three! It was simply riddled with lace and plumes .....and so I drew my little lady here with an equal amount of plumes on hers!

The rest of the card is layered with a little of this and that, and I couldn't figure out how to add more colour until I thought of 'quilling'!!! It's where you roll up thin strips of paper and shape and/or combine them into decorative designs....I'm sure most of you have seen this technique. Can be really awesome! And... I have wanted to try this for a long time - so I did - very simply - but its my first go and I had a nice time making them while I watched some romantic things on YouTube, lol. I find that is the best way to do 'tiny' work, don't you?

I'm calling her Little Alexandria.

Maybe I'll try a boy next, :)


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