3 August 2009

My Long Week-end Musings :)

Hi - happy long week-end!

Hope you'all are having a good week-end! We have been out and about - well, mostly just to our fav coffee spot across the street as my daughter has been too sick and she also has dental surgery coming up Tuesday!

In the craft studio....not doing too much in terms of 'finished projects' so much as I am doing lots of 'prep' work!

Organization time!...

Finally if I want the month of August to go smoothly - I had to resort to a clean-up of the craft studio....you know when you must tackle the scraps of paper that are too good to toss out yet they seem to be a large pile that is just getting on your nerves? Yeah, that pile. Did pretty good so far...my system is a series of paper bags that contain scraps of differing colours and I have 1 drawer dedicated to just white scraps - because I need those for stamping quick lil' sayings...like "thank you" or "friend"....and well, white is so prime for most of the stamping we do. So I keep that really handy.

Then I am going over some new goodies purchased this past week!

Playing with dies....
I bought some new dies for my "kids" collection and now I can have pirate and princess parties! It's totally fun playing with those kinds of dies - I was making all different coloured shirts& hats for my pirate and am trying all kinds of glittery papers for my crown's and wands, etc. And then there is the little poodle - too cute! You should try making an orange, plaid poodle and see how you like it, lol! I also bought some jelly beans and cotton candy for the princess set because the pirate had loads more stuff that came with him. Have to be fair afterall! :)

I now own bridal products - there is some dies: a pretty shoulderless dress (double as an evening dress)....a ring and a tiara! trying those last two with Diamond Dust or SugarCoated papers - too lazy to try to versamark or glue on glitter.

And this all takes up considerable time just trying those dies out because of all the small parts. So I have been busy.....

Next, I bought more bridal products - there is the Sweet Wedding stamp set, and a new Textured Embossing Folder from Stampin' Up! that is absolutely perfect for wedding themes! And its very, very easy to do! I have to admit, I don't like having to really crank up some of the 'die sandwiches'.

Making Sandwiches.....

Which reminds me of the new border die I bought - its a 'Flower' border by Quickutz - and I plan to use it in my Christmas projects. However I had to find just the right 'sandwich' to use it in my Big Shot. Now that I know how to do make the transition between the different dies, I will have it easier next time around. Do your homework -right?

New Papers/Stamps .....
So - I've got a whole new host of stamps& papers from Stampin' Up - and I need to explore those, find more room in storage (more storage - awwww, sigh!) ....just all the prep that goes into a good day of stamping & crafting.

Well, we must do what we must do!



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